I am the alpha and the omega
October 28, 2003
My Tryst with Destiny 
The RD Xperience Part - I

1. All of the events described below have oocured in the past and I am not responsible for any of its future repercussions in the present time.
2. The following pieces may sound like me blowing my own trumpet.

January, 2001
It was in the beginning of my second semester at my college. Everything was going peacefully. Weather was fine. Was eagerly expecting the culfest Saarang. Little did I know what was in store for me.

It was in the second week of January - around the 12th that I recieved the mail from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India, saying that I have been selected to witness the Republic Day Parade, 2001 from the Prime Minister's Box at Rajpath. I had heard in my school that a few of my seniors had gone, but I never expected to be one of them. Wow O Wow.

The reason they had selected me was because I had got 4 Merit Certificates in the 12th CBSE exams. And the HRD people invite names from different institutions, the CBSE, the ICSE etc for the top rankers in their examinations. There is also a but of luck involved in getting selected as only half of the students satisfying the criterion will get selected by luck. I thank God for that. There were a couple of students in my hostel who were cribbing that they did not get selected even though they satisfied the condition.

The required communication was done very fast. There was even a police verification to confirm my identity (had a bit of identity crisis at that time). I also found out that one more student from my batch got selected. (He got 488/500 and myself 484/500). And two other students from PS Senior Secondary School and a junior of mine (for his excellent performance in the 10th exams) got selected.]

The itenary was as follows. We were to arrive on the morning of 25th - Thursday, settle down, go to the RD parade on the morning of 26th - Friday and then local sight - seeing on 27th. We (my parents too) decided that we would leave on the evening of 26th itself (skip sightseeing as we had done that a while back) so that we could arrive back by 28th Sunday. I didnt want to miss any classes (u know the first year enthusiasm of being in IIT). Luckily (or unluckily I would have to say) Saarang the culfest started on the 24th and end on the 28th. So I did not miss any classes but I did miss my first Saarang...

We booked the tickets a week in advance, luckily not much of a rush to Delhi at that time.... Accomodation and Travel Allowance was provided for me only. My parents had to stay at the bank's Holiday home. Thats ok. After finishing my college on the 22nd - Tuesday, I hurried home witnessing all the preparations in college for the culfest. And we got to the station and into the train.

Something must be said about the weather in North India in winter. The lowest temperature I have experienced in Madras is about 18 or 17 cent in winter nites. But in north india - rite from the ganges plains - the temperatures drop to 8 or 10 easily. I had never expected that. Did not take any sweater with me as we did not need any in Madras. I was in for a cold shock.

The first nite in the train (TamilNad Xpress was ok. The second nite, the temperatures dropped down a lot. All I had for protection was a thin windcheater and gloves - Lot that did help!!!. The morning in Delhi - 25th was very cold - unlike any that I have xperience before. We went to the hotel - Hotel Indraprastha - a 20 floor hotel, god knows where... When I was asked to sign in the register, I couldnt - my hands were so very numb... Somehow I managed. We settled in the hotel, had breakfast and I eagerly awaited the next day.
To be continued

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