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November 03, 2003
Avian Law
A bird in the hand is safer than one overhead.

Some facts about Sleeping
Here I am to discuss some of the common myths and facts about sleeping. These are somethings which I have gathered from personal experience and from those of my friends...
Note : This is not a forward which I recieved...

Myth : Early to sleep is early to rise
Fact : That is not true at all. People who sleep early can get up late and those who sleep late can get up early. It does not depend on when a person goes to sleep at all. If u have the will power and the proper "Alarm Clock" you can get up at any time you want to. Continuing with that

Myth : Late to sleep is late to rise
Fact : This may be partly true. This fact has been accentuated by the fact that many of us do do so... But again, remember that an "Alarm Clock" can twist all these myths into nothingness..

Myth : Sleeping in the afternoon is of no use
Fact : That is entirely false. 2 hours of sleep in the afternoon is worth an hour of mugging (can be substituted for any other activity - but mugging is the one that will cause sleepiness) in the nitetime. Note - this is a very good activity for all you owls out there.

Myth : Dreams are reflections of our reality
Fact : Dreams are just some convoluted (twisted) versions of what we undergo daily - u can think of it as the way in which our brain process the days' information and puts it away for storage. There mite be backlogs here and there and hence u mite dream abt the past also. Try to enjoy the dreams u have. This brings up my next point.

Myth : Dreamless sleeps are the deepest, most enjoyable sleep
Fact : That is SO NOT TRUE. Yes, u mite have had a tired day and would look forward to a clean sleep. Heck - u lose the fun of sleep then. Sleeping is for enjoying dreams. Theres no joy in shut-eye open-eye sleep. Such a sleep is a waste of 6 - 8 hours when u could have actually lived ur dreams (to quote from Die Another Day)

Myth : Sleepless nites are a bad problem
Fact : Sleepless nites are not bad. Its just that there has been too much happening that day that ur mind is clouded with too many things. Anyway, if ur not sleepy, there are always a lot of things to do - blog(hop), chat, mail, read novels, game, go out with friends. To sleep, all you need is to take some soporifics (sleeping tablets, for the less precise)

Myth : Sleeping tablets are bad for health
Fact : Sleeping tablets are a good way of getting rid of sleepless nites. Just dont become addicted to it...

Any other myths to add? Do comment or mail me
The next action after sleeping is waking up. I will discuss elegant ways of doing that after a good nites sleep in the next post.
Have a nice sleep.

Posted by satosphere at 3:53 AM


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