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November 05, 2003
Axiom of Promotions
What gets you promoted on one level will get you fired on another.

The Dictum of Alarm Clock Usage
Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any thrashings that you may recieve from neighbours due to (im)proper usages of the alarm clock described below
It would have often happened to all of you guys: You would have an important appointment at 8 am. You set the alarm for 6 am and sleep. When you wake up, the time would be 7:50 am, the alarm would still not be pressed and you would be stupefied by the brite light entering your room from the window. If you are that person, read on...
I will illustrate on how to optimise the usage of an alarm clock so that a person can wake up at the correct time. These too, as before, have been gathered from personal and neighbourly experiences...

1. Have a loud alarm clock
You must be confident that the alarm clock that you have will wake up not only you, but the entire block you are in. (In case of an hostel, the entire wing). This is of utmost importance when using an alarm clock to wake up sleepy - eyed - you early in the morning from a blissful sleep. For example, the alarm which I have has separate cells for the alarm part. My clock is notoriously famous for waking up my neighbours (in the unexpected wee hours of 6:30 am).

2. Place the alarm clock far away
You must place the alarm quite far away (atleast away from hands reach) from where you are sleeping. If possible, keep it in a place that is hard to reach. That incessant whining will force you to wake up properly and fumble around for a light switch and find that (irritating) alarm clock. Better yet, ask somebody to hide the alarm clock in your room after you have slept if you keep finding the alarm easily.

3. Have a light switch nearby
If you are the person who can sleep with the light turned on, this one is a sure - fire method to wake you up. It is advantageous to have a switch for a very bright tubelight nearby. If you combine it with the previous step, then you would have to turn on the light to find out the alarm clock. Presto, u wake up.

4. Dont mix alarm with your dream
It would have often happened to all of you that you would be having a blissful dream, suddenly a phone or the doorbel would ring in your dream. You will try desperately to turn it off. You open your eyes and .. there is the alarm clock ringing. You will be wondering how the alarm sound merged into your dream...? Well, I can confidently say that you are not a lone horse in this... Though eventually you wake up, isnt it necessary that u take the appropriate precautions? Firstly get an alarm clock that produces a different sound that cannot be merged with your dream. (that is something difficult to ask - buts its ur life that I am speaking abt) Secondly, CONTROL YOUR DREAMS. lol

5. Get two alarm clocks
Some of you mite be the kind of person who needs to have a short 5 minute nap after the alarm rings; and then when you take that nap, you forgot to get up after 5 minutes.... Here's the tried and tested (YES) solution. Set up two alarm clocks. One set five to ten minutes (thats depending on you) after the other. Preferably the louder one first. And keep them away from each other. So the next day morning, you switch of that first alarm, have the 5 min dream sleep, and the get up with the second sound, very refreshed...
If you cant afford or manage using two alarms, then using a snooze alarm clock, one which is pretty loud. But the disadvantage is that, instead of pressing the snooze button, a person mite tend to press the alarm button, thus disabling the alarm; now you cant wake up in time.

I hope that by following these, u can get up bright and early for all those classes or meetings or use it to get up in evenings to play/study/watch tv etc. If you have any more to add, you know what to do....
Happy crashing and waking up.

Posted by satosphere at 2:54 AM


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