I am the alpha and the omega
December 15, 2003
Barzun's Laws of Learning

  1. The simple but difficult arts of paying attention, copying accurately, following an argument, detecting an ambiguity or a false inference, testing guesses by summoning up contrary instances, organizing one's time and one's thought for study - all these arts - cannot be taught in the air but only through the difficulties of a defined subject. They cannot be taught in one course or one year, but must be acquired gradually in dozens of connections.
  2. The analogy to athletics must be pressed until all recognize that in the exercise of Intellect those who lack the muscles, coordination, and will power can claim no place at the training table, let alone on the playing field.

Firstly, I am extremely sorry about the last post. I realised later that it was hurting to many from the female variety of the species Homo sapiens sapiens. I will take it back as it is a degrading post. (Nobody said such things when I compared women and beer). That post will be deleted.

Secondly, I am extremely happy. My father is coming from Kabul then next week. He has been there from July. He was sent there by the Ministry of External Affairs as a part of India's aid to Afghanisthan for a deputation for one year. Apart from him, some eight other bankers from all other parts of the country (yes, my father is a banker) from different banks have been sent there to do some banking work.
Although, we expected that they would be developing some softwares for banking... they are just doing some normal accounting job in Excel... Thats ok.
The weather there is apparently very cold reaching -2 to -5 degrees and it has started snowing there in the nearby hills. He also said that Kabul is like any other Indian town, dusty, lotsa people, crowd etc.
How do I know all these? Well, he is online everyday. So we (my mother too) do not miss him that much, chat regularly on messenger.... Atleast the Internet has done its part to bridge the communication gap.
The last four months have been really hard on us, my mother the most. And I have had to go home everyday to give my mother company. So we are happy that he is coming home, albeit only for two weeks. After that, he will be gone for another 6 months.
For the people whose parents live in some other country, I share my feelings.

To top this all, my project guide has given me loads of assignments to last me for atleast two weeks. I have to put in a lot of effort to complete it. Even though it is supposed to be a vacation for me, it doesnt seem like one. I have to come to everyday to college. There comes the monday blues again.

Monday Blues

For all those having exams, Best of Luck.
For all those having hols, enjoy.
For all those having college/work, U know how I feel.

Posted by satosphere at 2:50 AM


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