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January 05, 2004
Berkeley's Laws
  1. The world is more complicated than most of our theories make it out to be.
  2. Ignorance is no excuse.
  3. Never decide to buy something while listening to the salesman.
  4. Information which is true meets a great many different tests very well.
  5. Most problems have either many answers or no answer. Only a few problems have a single answer.
  6. An answer may be wrong, right, both, or neither. Most answers are partly right and partly wrong.
  7. A chain of reasoning is no stronger than its weakest link.
  8. A statement may be true independently of illogical reasoning.
  9. Most general statements are false, including this one.
  10. An exception TESTS a rule; it NEVER PROVES it.
  11. The moment you have worked out an answer, start checking it -- it probably isn't right.
  12. If there is an opportunity to make a mistake, sooner or later the mistake will be made.
  13. Being sure mistakes will occur is a good frame of mind for catching them.
  14. Check the answer you have worked out once more -- before you tell it to anybody.
  15. Estimating a figure may be enough to catch an error.
  16. Figures calculated in a rush are very hot; they should be allowed to cool off a little before being used; thus we will have a reasonable time to think about the figures and catch mistakes.
  17. A great many problems do not have accurate answers, but do have approximate answers, from which sensible decisions can be made.

Its a bit late on the store but....

I have always been wondering, why do people celebrate a New Year, and why do people celeberate it on January 1st.?
There is a great conflict in my mind; my left half in constant conflict with my rite (I know that there are two halves in my brain and that the left half has nothing rite in it and the rite half has nothing left in it). The great conflict was stated in short and sweet words above.
Firstly, the new year has nothing significant in it; it just probably signifies that the earth has gone around the sun (approximately) once; it just means that the same cycle of winter, spring, summer and autumn is going to repeat again. If that is the import of a new year, what will happen, say if people colonise moon - does one year on moon imply the moon going around the earth once (27.5 days approx.) Or if finally colonise Mars, and if seasonal changes are to indicate a year, then Mars' "one year" lasts (me thinx) four and a half earth years...
So what is its real significance - Or have we lost its meaning completely over the years.

Secondly, why does the New Year have to be celebrated on January 1st - why not any other day - say July 1st.? What is the ground for saying that January first is the first day of the year?
Just because some silly people decided to use the Gregorian calendar (BTW, I am not against it in any way), do we really have to celebrate in on that day against all our wishes?
Think about it; one year signifies that the earth going round the sun once. So any point on the orbit of the earth can be taken as reference to say that one revolution has been completed - and the day when that occurs could be any one of the 364 other days of a year. (365 in a leap year). Recent evidence suggests that the earth is slowing down and atomic clocks are more accurate; so about a millions years from now, New Years may occur on the next day even....
There are some more compelling arguments that I put forth.

Many institutions have made New Years a working day (I have already heard some grumblings about it) and have declared the other New Year days (the Tamil New Year, Telugu New Year... in the respective states) as holidays.
New Years day is not celebrated at the same time everywhere, there is a time lag of 24 hours betweent the first person enjoying it and the last person crossing the 12 o' clock divide. When I get international phone calls or chat with people (to wish Happy New Year), some say that they have completed their celebrations long ago, others have just crossed the midnite barrier and more others are still a long way off to the crossing. And also, there are many people who cannot even afford to celeberate it (the Iranian Earthquake victims this year).

Some have already realised this fact and wisely, have made their New Years fall on different days - the Tamil New Years day is on April 14th, Chinese New Year on the 22nd of January.
So whats the funda of holding New Years on New Year Day.

My wish is that each person should celeberate his New Year on a day that he/she wishes, on a day that he is happy, and on a day when HE IS READY TO HONOR HIS RESOLUTIONS (and not break them at all throughout his year).

My resolution would be to be not troubled by Monday blues, with my first week in college.
Monday Blues

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