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January 22, 2004
Billings's Law
Live within your income, even if you have to borrow to do so.

Saarang Day 2 (Day 1 for me actually)
The morning of Saarang found me waking up pretty early (by my standards), thanx to the hippie mosquitoes. After my morning ablutions, I started mugging - yeah thats rite. I started mugging. It so happens that I have an assignment to submit on Tuesday, and barring today, I wont find any other time to do it.
I did reach the CLT - the hub of activity for Saarang 2004. I grabbed the flyers of various sponsors and also the brain games sheet - time to get the grey and white cells in my brain working.
I wandered onto the WM solo event - which was noticably late (as are all the events at Saarang, including the inaugration).
Then, wandered on to the Lone Wolf Quiz event, in which I finally realised that a pack of wolves make a better team than a lone wolf. Following that, I was aimlessly wandering around the environs of Saarang. Seriously - I did nothing much; I watched the Infromals for some time, then wandered to the WM solo, followed by a lite lunch and on.
JAM sessions are always interesting and a lot of free usage of words there. So I ambled over there, and witnessed JAMming at one of its best for about 2 hours till 5 - Man, the JAM hall was jammed with lotsof people. Good to get a seat to sit there. I did catch up with some of my old classmates - actually two from my school days.
Tomorrow and always, you can always find me at Aimlessly_Wandering_Zombie@saarang.org
No events beyond that until the pro-show by Udit Narayanan at 7:30pm - while I am waiting for that, I am blogging.
Shobha forced me to write about the bloggers meet. I know its a bit too late on the block - but read on....
   4 pm on the day of the blogger meet found me in the common room cheering India for winning in what was becoming an extremely close match against Australia; the bloggers meet was but a small memory in my otherwise oversized brain. At 4:30, I realised that I the meeting was at 5 pm. So I went to my room, freshened up, put some drabby clothes, got on my trusty 10 year old steed - my two wheeled contraption otherwise called the cycle by others and sped away (not exactly). Pedalling furiously through the South eastern parts of Chennai - including Taramani, Thiruvanmaiyur, Indira Nagar and Beasant Nagar, I finally reached Planet Yumm at around 5:05pm. I did find what looked like a very small gumbal of three waiting outside, but I didnt know if that was the meet. So I strolled into the restaruant and found a lot of gumbals and I didnt know whom I was supposed to meet. Started wandering quite confused now.
Came out again, and a pretty big guy approached me from the first gumbal and asked, "Are you.. here.. by any chance for... a bloggers meet?. I raised my hand and introduced myself and he told me that he was Ravages. I walked up to that gumbal and then Pleomorphous Masculinum (he more looked like a Pleomorphous Minulinum) introduced himself - while he struggled to take the camera out of his helmet which this girl (who was looking as thoough she was ready to fly off to a Tropical island - wearing a big flat hat) Taruni (supposedly the official coverer for the blog meet) was holding. After his ameteurish attempts to take a photo was completed, we waited, staring at each others faces and on....
Sai and Ravi came up in an auto. Kingsly also turned up in what was supposedly a 21 year old Rajdoot (older than me, I would say).
I actually forgot the approach of other people, except that as time progressed (till 5:45 pm) more and more people were there, including Luna and Krithiga, some bloggers from Veltech, Meera, LAzy geek, Krishna, Unjun, Anand... I lost track clearly (Besides, I am not very good at remembering names). With mixed feelings and mixed perceptions going through my mind, I was talking with all of them. We decided that standing in a Round Table Conference was strictly not bloggers style, we decided to go indoors; after confirming with Suds that that was his agenda.
Soon, more joined us, and the group numbered to around 19.

I will continue in the next post - its getting late for the Udit NArayanan show...

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