I am the alpha and the omega
March 12, 2004
Boultbee's Criterion
If the converse of a statement is absurd, the original statement is an insult to the intelligence and should never have been said.

I seem to have this little known condition called Hyperhidrosis. Basically, what it is is excessive sweating in the hand, legs, face and all other areas. But in that aspect, I must say that I have only a mild version of it. I sweat a lot in my palm and more so in my legs.
This is not a condition that would bother me a lot socially, but rather affects a lot of others who do come in contact with me, and it also affects me physically. Firstly, people (by people, who know that I sweat a lot) hesitate to shake hands with me, and those who don't soon find out after extending their dry hands and get returned what is usually a partially moist hand, the source of which they may not exactly prefer. Secondly, any document I touch gets that soiled look soon. And any book I read for a while very soon attains a well-read look and feel. Thirdly, people downright refuse to let me play games on their computers - after I play for five minutes, there will be dirt and sweat on the arrow keys, the WASD keys, the Right Ctrl, the Right Shift - the ones mostly used while playing games. The mouse also develops a similar grimy collection. Even as I am typing this now, my fingers have already started feeling soggy. I can literally sqeeze my fingers to show the sweat emanating from the sweat pores (Not a welcoming sight, isn't it.) Luckily the keyboard at my home is protected with a protective layer of Keyskin, without which I would have buried it long ago. In fact, on the keyskin, the afore-mentioned keys have already got their permanent yellow coloring.
A more important problem for me is the sweating in my foot. The reason being that, after I cycle or walk even a short distance, my feet becomes soggy - and then my slipper starts acting slippery. (Now you know the reason behind the nomenclature of that particular piece of footwear). This slipperiness causes a great problem for me - I often twist my ankle because of this, I am unable to run after buses for fear of flinging my footwear one foot in front of me (Leather footwear are the worst culprits), I collect a lot of dirt on my feet, and they are eternally dirty - no amount of washing seems to remove them.
That is the statement of my problem. Unfortunately the solution is neither trivial nor permanent; and there is no purpose heading towards it.
Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have had a nice week and hopefully looking forward to a nicer weekend - what with an extremely tense match coming up tomorrow and all that. I thank DD for providing the transmission from Ten Sports - for all the CAS viewers.

Posted by satosphere at 11:57 AM


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