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March 23, 2004
Boyle's Other Law
The first pull on the cord ALWAYS sends the drapes in the wrong direction.

Bangalore, namma Vooru
For the Non-Tams, that means, Bangalore, my city (or something like that). Neways, this is my recount of my travels and travails there (including the me screwing up my Group Discussion and Interview there).
I started on Sunday nite (while the exciting India - Pak match was going on, and India just started to thrash Pak.) What lied ahead was a long sleepless nite (I am not particularly known for sleeping while sitting, especially in a bus. The only time I can sit and sleep is in the class, though I try as much as possible to avoid it.) All I got in the final bargain was 2 hours of broken sleep in the 7 hour journey. (Lucky are those people who can sleep anytime, anywhere.) Landed in Bangalore at around 5 am, and went to the National games village, where my dad's colleague was there. I went and slept immediately - for an additional two hours. Left the place around 9:30 am, after making a couple of phone calls (to tell my mother that I reached safe - these are certain formalities.), went to the campus of IIM-Bangalore by auto.
My first impressions of the city - Nice city, lot more trees than Madras, but as hot as Madras (weather wise) and much hotter than Madras (non-weather wise ;-) ). Lots of spanky new buildings, an agglomerate of gleaming glass and grey/white concrete, sometimes coming together in fluent shapes, sometimes in oblique angles. Buses - they seem to be a good way to travel, but for an outsider, it will seem very difficult, with Bus numbers in Kannada and sometimes English, and place names, purely in Kannada. Autos are a good bet, atleast they dont fleece you like in Madras. (Personally, I hate autos). Traffic is very bad, its always overflowing and seems unregulated. At present, they seem to be constructing a lot of flyovers, and the many vehicles being diverted compounds the problem there.
My session at IIM-B lasted for about two hours. First there was the Group Discussion. The group we had were all freshers, 7 of them, with 5 IITians (2 being my class mates). I did decently, considering the fact that it was my first (and hopefully last) GD. It was the interview I screwed up bad - they asked some economics questions, and I didnt do them that well, fumbling the answers, and they kindof deduced that I was not much interested in Management. So that ends my inroads into Management.
Went with 3 of my friends to Brigade road - nice line of shops (and people too - remember me saying that it was hotter than Madras.) Went over to Barrista's at MG road, had a cuppa cold coffee, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around. Walked around the place a little more and had amazing ice-cream at a sweet little Corner ice cream shop.
Then we split up and I went to a friend's (friend of my cousin) place, at Indira Nagar (and for the first time after 6 months, watched HBO and Fear factor - remember CAS). The train - to Chennai was at 11 pm, for which I landed up at the station at 10pm - call it paranoia or something. After getting into the train, I slept and the next thing I remember is somebody waking me up at 5 am, telling it was the Central, just as it was pulling into the station. The rest, as they say is Geography (or is it History - watever, it doesnt matter).
Sudhon will be going there for his IIM-B interveiw next week, and I am sure he will have a more juicy experience to recount.

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