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May 17, 2004
Burns's Balance
If the assumptions are wrong, the conclusions aren't likely to be very good.
Well, sorry for the inordinately long delay before this post. I was stuck up with purely non-academic office work for the past three days. But I will pain you people later with its utterly butterly boring details.
To continue on about my Graphics card (refer 2 posts back), I will talk about 3 games that I have been playing on it.
First one: Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne. That is one of the bestest games I have played yet, and that is quite a lot. If you have played Max Payne (the first one), then this is a much better sequel. The Bullet-time mode has been enhanced a lot, with a nice touch added to it. The object detail level has been revamped a lot, and the lighting in the game is so realistic, its like straight out of a movie. The bad thing is that, the game is too short, shorter than the first one, but it occupies a hell of a lot of space, 1.7GB. And the game loading time is also pretty high, but I have been able to play it very smoothly at 800 x 600 resolution, thanx to the card

Second one: Need For Speed - Underground. Another helluva game. Another 1.4 GB, but it is worth every MB it occupies. The graphics is top-notch. I havent been able to go to its full settings, as the game becomes very slow, inspite of the card, but I have seen the screenshots, and it looks too good. But with more than 20 cars, even more tracks, and 4 different modes of gameplay, some amazing catchy background music tracks, and with too-good customizations, its a different class of racing gameAnd I possibly couldnt have played it before.

Third one: Grand Theft Auto - Vice City or GTA - 4. This one is a completely different genre of game.
You come home late from work. You are frustrated, and been reduced to a door-mat. What do you do to make yourself perky?
Hop on into one of the fastest cars in the game, change to some nice music tracks, cruise around the city mad, run over any person you like, have the police chasing you to give the thrill, kill of some bad guys, and some good guys too with ample measure, take the boat for a spin in the sea, drive people into mad terror by being a cabbie, or head to the local club for some *ahem ahem* action. You name it, you can do it.
Call it Role playing. Call it first person. Call it racing. Its got all, baby. And this too is another of the 1.5GB game. But it has got to be one of the most addictive games ever. The negative point is that, it is not very easy to go through the game, after the few initial missions. Even cheats dont help.

Well, I have been trying for a fourth one, called XIII. Its a completely different First person shooter, and comes in 4CD's and occupies one helluva 2.5GB's of HD space. (But of course, nothing can beat Unreal Tournament 2004 which comes in 6 CD's or 1 DVD, and occupies 5.5GB of HD space. No partition in my comp is as big.) Anybody played either of these?

Ok, now leave me alone, I have to have some serious Underground action.

Posted by satosphere at 12:06 PM


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