I am the alpha and the omega
May 01, 2004
A treatise
Brownian Motion Rule of Bureaucracies
It is impossible to distinguish, from a distance, whether the bureaucrats associated with your project are simply sitting on their hands, or frantically trying to cover their asses.
Heisenberg's Addendum to Brownian Bureaucracy
If you observe a bureaucrat closely enough to make the distinction above, he will react to your observation by covering his ass.

Having appetised you with those wonderful sayings, let me proceed to the starters.
Remember, in one of last week's post, I had mentioned that I went to a treat. I am referring it in this week's post today. Well, in last week's treat, it was decided that next week, myself and my friend (sandeep) decided that we would give a treat. So to half the people who had come to last week's treat, who would be coming to this week's treat, we told that we would be having a treat next week on the same day of the week as last week's treat. So this week, which is last week's next week, as we promised last week, we gave a treat. Though last week, we had decided that we would give at a place called Residency towers, 2 days before our treat this week, we decided that the number of persons coming to this week's treat was too much and that the prices in Residency towers (which we decided last week) was too steep, so we shifted this week's treat to Residency, another hotel by the same chain as the previosly mentioned one, and the one we went to last week. (thats the last week, I promise ;-) )

If you finished with the starters, I am sure that you would have lost all your hunger and would be looking forward to the week-end.

Main Course
If you had stayed with me throughout the starters, (and understood every bit of it), then Congrats, you are one concentrated reader.
Course 1
Time : 7:30pm
Place : My home.
We had invited about 35 people. The going rate at Residency (a large 3 star hotel in T. Nagar) was 230 per person (buffae, of course). And myself and my friend decided to split the bill. Booking was made (Friday nite is always a busy nite at that place.) for 8 pm.
I was getting ready, vaguely putting fight with my mom so that I could go in black T. Shirt and black pants (as Man In Black - thats what I did last week anyway) Finally she forced me to a different T. shirt and I did not object - that T. Shirt was nice.
In preparation for what I was about to eat, I hadn't had anything from lunch (that was at 11:45 am) - not even tea in the evening, so that I could extract the maximum for what I was paying (though it didnt turn out to be so).
The most important fear that nite, was how to carry that huge amount of cash - I did have an account and a credit card, but not enough reserves were there in that account; so that left me with only one choice - to carry hot cash, 50 hundred rupee notes. (Try carrying it, and you will be embarrased by the bulge it would create in pants. Note - it doesnt apply to females - who use handbags). Finally, I came up with a patch-it solution. Carried half the amount in an envelope in one pocket (I was thankful that the pant I was wearing had ramarkably huge pockets) and the other half folded heavily in my purse (that still resulted in a huge bulge - couldnt help it).
With a good mood (as I always am), I set off at 7:35 am, to find the ubiquitous three wheeled menace of Chennai (an Auto-rickshaw for the unacquainted), still clutching on dearly to both my pockets (I am very paranoid wrt that).
Stay on for the conclusion of the Main Course and the just Desserts
PS : Didn't I promise, no more weeks after that, and I stuck truly to my word

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