I am the alpha and the omega
September 14, 2004
Cook's Law
Much work, much food; little work, little food; no work, burial at sea.

In the Same boat, but a different country.

My absence here can be inexplicably explained by the fact that
a) Either I am busy. Extremely busy.
b) Nothing has happened. Nothing to report.

And since I am in the US of A, where at no time, nothing can happen, the obvious answer to the obfuscated question can only be the choice that is a) viz. I am busy.
So busy that I wish I had 48 hours a day. (Now, I know that is not possible. But since I am wishing, I can wish for anything.)

To start with, there are a whole lot of assignments and lab projects to be done. Three weeks into the semester!!!. And hence lot of deadlines to meet.
And a lot of follow up work for the courses to be done.
The TA work for this course already drags away half the time available to me.
And in this, I can neglect all the housework to be done - Cooking food. Weekly cleaning, doing the laundry, and all that.

And I am hoping that should explain my absence for one whole week. And I am also hoping that my future temporary disappearances can be explained by some quite similar logical reasoning.

Things are not that bad, though.

Firstly. I decided that I would go jogging everyday. A decision which I should have taken long ago. But the hot weather of Madras (inspite of IIT's green cover) didnt permit. Here, the sun itself seems to take its own time to start the day. And I dont have any early classes (lucky me). So, an expenditure of 45 minutes over this fruitful but tiring activity which keeps me active the entire day is nevertheless not worthless.

Secondly. Discovered that there is a Tamil Cultural Association. Which organises activities on important "Tamil" days. And screens Tamil movies every two weeks (And hence managed to see Aaitha Ezhuthu aka Yuva [in Hindi])

Thirdly. All the IITians, rather, most of them, organised a co-op party, where each person brings a food item to the party. Our group brought South Indian Pongal - which I have become an expert in, a sambhar (thin lentil soup) to accompany the Pongal, and then a Potato + Carrot Sabji. It tasted deadly, according to many.
We had this Intro session there, and something quite not unlike the very familiar ragging sessions in IIT, but with a much lighter atmosphere. Then all of us watched a nice movie. Had an amazing time. Never realized so many were there.

Fourthly. Went to this South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant for a lunch on Sunday. And at 9$ for the buffay, should anybody ask? Had loads of food. So much that I did not have dinner, and a very measly breakfast the next morning.

(I can almost imagine Rash cringe as she reads this. When I had called her up, she said that she was totally bored with the American food. And literally on her way to boycott it.
Cheer up. Things will get better)

Bye for now.
Hope to see you in atleast less than a week

Posted by satosphere at 2:27 AM


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