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November 03, 2004
Culshaw's First Principle of Recorded Sound
Anything, no matter how bad, will sound good if played back at a very high level for a short time.

There was this one day in the Fall, when the entire nation of USA, excepting two states, goes back one hour. This is the concept called the Daylight saving time.

Simply because, the people want more time during the day (to work longer), instead of getting up earlier and earlier, they decided simply that they would change the time.
Twice a year.
And cause hassle for all the rest of us who aren't accustomed to the Fall Back, Spring Ahead as it is often called here.

So one fine day, I wave up, with a vague idea that there should have been daylight saving time change today. And I see my mobile to get the time, and I find out that that shift hasnt occured (I checked with my alarm clock, which doesnt have such sophisticated features). So I continued during the day.
Deciding to go to the lab on such a pleasant day, I looked up the bus schedule, to find the timings, and started off. And to my surprise, it didnt come. Even after 20 minutes.
I was flabbergasted. Usually the buses are never more than 5-10 minutes late, unless the drivers get lost (which happens quite a few times here).
And when it did come, to my surprise, the time there was one hour behind.

And it was then that I realized that that day was supposed to be when I did a daylight saving. A few minutes spent fiddling in my mobile revealed that I had not enabled daylight saving in it, resulting in me reading the "wrong" time.

With this incident, I started wondering more on why have the daylight saving. Was it so that the new daytime - 6am to 9pm, would have more hours of daylight.
Actually, it seemed not so. For, when evening 6:30 pm approached, the normally brite day was the darkest ever. And it was not because of any cloud cover. So I didnt see any purpose being served. Or was it so that people can sleep for one extra hour that previous nite. (But, it doesn't make sense, as they would sleep one hour lesser during spring Fall ahead anyway.

The more wierd thing is actually when this daylight saving actually occurs. At 1:59 am of the last Sunday of the month of October, they shift back the time to 1 am.
Why in God's name would anybody want to anybody ever want to change time at the godforsaken time of close to am.
Seriously, do they expect people to wake up at 2 am, shift back all the clocks to 1 am.. and then go back to sleep.

These people are crazy, not to mention the other silly stuff that we do often - switches are pushed up to turn on, turn the key the wrong side to open the door, open the taps clockwise to turn the faucet on, use plugs without switches.
There are a thousand other things that I can think of, but this post was about the daylight saving thingie, and I end with that.

Have a nice day, without daylight

Posted by satosphere at 1:31 AM


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