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November 28, 2004
Darwin's Observation
Nature will tell you a direct lie if she can.

Crazy Thanksgiving Shopping

If its ths New Year Sale in India, its the Thanksgiving sale in USA.

And thanks to some friends who owned cars, I too was able to experience first hand what it was. And was able to get some fun stuff

The Thanksgiving sale in most apparel shops start at 12 midnite on the nite of Thanksgiving. And continues through the next day. And most people out of the half a million in Austin, would throng to the stores in Austin itself, leaving no room, no stock and no offers for latecomers.
Thats why, we all went to San Marcos. This should give an idea of what exactly happened here. At San Marcos, the two huge malls Prime and Tanger sporting some of the best clothing, apparels, footwear (Nike, Adidas and Reebok) and lots more.
Shoppers Haven, I tell you.

Apart from clothing and apparels, there is also BestBuy Store, which offers amazing discounts during the thanksgiving nite (more about it later) and also Office Depot which too has good deals.

Normally, I am not the kind of guy who likes to spend a lot, but that day, my available credit decreased by 900$. Thats really a whopper.
The list of things that I bought:

  • A huge Jansport Bag for $20.
  • A fleece jacket for $15.
  • 2 pairs of jeans for $20.
  • 6 pairs of cotton socks for $7.50.
  • Nike Shoe for $34.
  • Napster mp3 player for $30.
  • Sony DSC V1 for $300.
  • 512MB memory stick for $60 for the camera.
  • A case for the camera.

Of these, most of the clothing and apparels were at 50% off. The Napster 256MB MP3/WMA was just $30 (after a mail-in rebate of $70). To get that piece, me and my friends had to stand outside the store, from one hour before opening, and then rush like mad to get the piece, which was in limited quantity. Its actual price is $120. Thats a huge discount.
I also got my camera - normally priced at greater than $330, at $300. Not a great discount, but its an amazing camera. I also got a 512 MB SanDisk Memory Stick Pro for the camera. At Office Depot, they were also giving a free V Tech cordless phone. So I grabbed one. Anybody want one?

An entire nite of shopping.
After leaving Austin at 1 am on Friday morning, we reached the place after half hour. 2 hour of shopping at Prime Outlets and 100$ later and 5 pounds heavier from having to carry everything, we headed off to Best Buy and waited outside in the freezing cold for the store to open. An hour of shopping there later (I almost swooned at the site of a Ati Radeon 9600 Pro selling for less than 100$), we left back for home. Contented and happy.

Had we gone to the Austin stores, we would have hardly had the chance of getting any special offers. Meanwhile, to keep you interested, here are some shots of the Campus.

West Dean Keaton Street, taken from a pedestrian bridge over the roadway.

The UT tower. Taken from behind a glass window.
(You can see the reflection of the camera in it.)

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