I am the alpha and the omega
March 13, 2005
Ducharme's Precept
Opportunity always knocks at the least opportune moment.
How very true, isn't it.

Some really funny think to spark up our dull lives - cleaning the Bath Room.

I started my spring break by doing probably one of the more despicable things that I could - cleaning the bathroom. It was my turn to do it, and it was something that I had put away for quite a long time, much to the hardship of me and my room-mates.
The cleaning of the bathroom is more challenging because of the fact that there are no drains here, and you simply cannot wash everything away with water.

And before I try to scare everybody / humiliate myself, I will come to the real point I was trying to make.
The challenges of living alone / independently.

When you are in school, one time or the other, everything is going to be taken care for you; you do not need to worry about every inconsequential details.
You get up. Perform morning ablutions. Your breakfast is ready. You take your already prepared lunch. School. Come back. Tiffin / Dinner is ready. And so on. (This does not apply to boarding school, however).
You did not need to worry so much as about a penny dropping on the floor. You did not worry about living life, in the normal sense.

What did create a small change for me, was when I entered college, and the hostel. Now, some of the things you did required YOU to make the decisions. Some quite important ones, at that; the money matters, for example. But still, the majority of work was still not done by you. But the four years staying in a hostel, albeit intermittently buffered me for what was to come, and probably what I was expecting: Graduate education in another country.

Living in another country, required you to make some quite major decisions, major life changing (!!!) at that. Suddenly you are and have to be in control of everything. (At this point, I am reminded of this quote "With great power, comes great responsibility.") And you also have to learn to manage everything, keep everything under control. Not an easy task to do in grad school, where every professor in every department is determined to keep you working until late at nite.
These, according to me, are the biggest challenges:
To keep control of life when you do not have time.
To keep control of life, when nothing seems to be going your way.
To keep control of life when you really need someone else to do it.

And there are many people who have succeeded, many who have achieved the right balance of managing life, while not being too obsessive about it.
And successfully doing it, I think, will set in the correct path. That will set you a good roadmap for the future.
And that will tell you about living life.

And now, as I tread, with some difficulty, through the same path, I always look back and wonder, can life ever be simpler. Can life ever be the idyllic world that we spend day dreaming of. Now that I have come so far, can life ever be the inconsequential place that we have left far behind.

Can I ever go back?

Posted by satosphere at 12:09 PM


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