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September 29, 2003
Army Axiom
Any order that can be misunderstood has been misunderstood.

Santa Singh's Plight

Recently i came across a cpl of jokes about Sardars...

Sardarji is buying a TV. He asks "Do you have color TVs?"
"Sure." ,replys the store owner.
"Give me a green one, please."

Sardarji calls Air India. "How long does it take to fly to Amritsar?"
"Just a sec," says the rep.
"Thank you." says the Sardarji and hangs up.


Before you think that this is going to be another Sardar mocking blog, plz wait...
This got me wondering (Rather I had done it many a times before but did not have an outlet to vent it) about why all this mocking "Singhs" start actually? Is it because they are fundamentally people of very low IQ's ? I am sure our Sardar friends here, there and everywhere would disagree with it entirely...

Is it because of our racial prejudice against the Sardars?. But havent we all got the feeling that we are all Indians, dont we?

Is it because we are so used to reading jokes about Singhs being very stupid that we have been trained (right from the time when we come to know who we are) to believe that the particular class of people are very stupid...

Or is there any other reason.

It is not that such a thing is absent in other societies - the most glaring examples being the portrayal of blondes as being intellectually inferior (See any Friends episode to believe it urself) inspite of the fact that they are very smart...

I still dont know the answer. Any comments or answers?

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September 27, 2003
Approval Seeker's Law
Those whose approval you seek the most give you the least.

That day when I was creating my home page....

You might think - this is not a big deal. After all its a very easy job. But not for me. No sirree... I

knew only a bit of html (adding links, making things bold as above etc). So what - So I decided to

use Frontpage - a ready made software for creating simple pages. And thats what I did...

I started creating out three pages - main, interests and e - books... In my interests page, I got

bogged down with just every thread of thought in my brain, flowing like the 'n' rivers of a delta (That

was a totally useless and worthless comparison but its just an example of the multiple threads

flowing in my brain like the 'n' rivers of a delta and soon.

I got so engrossed with it that I didnt notice the time at all. That usually happens, when I start

programming or do an interesting job, I totally lose track of time... When my mother brought my

plate of dinner, I was wondering "Duhhh, dinner , So early !!"

I am now trying to get some good gifs for link images . going on this process....

And I also have to meet the deadline of finishing it by the mid of this week (that was a deadline set

by myself..) and then host it at my college Departmental Computer facility. When I get it ready, I

will inform ppl...

Not to bore you with stuff, any suggestions on what useful links can I put on my website???

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September 25, 2003
Law of Annoyance
When working on a project, if you put away a tool that you're certain you're finished with, you will need it instantly.

Am I married

Well i got myself into a bit of a muddle yesterday (as all us Muggle Blood call it). It cam when I was filling up the online application form for stanford (just a waste of 95$). Anyway the point was that I came to the part where they asked for the name as on my passport. That was when i started posing questions to myself whsther my name is really Sathish Jothikumar. That was not the only flustering in that period. I came to the marital status. I wasnt amused or confused at that time - I knew that answer. Then I saw the choices that were give - Married, Single and Other. Then my brain went into an over gear or something... What did other mean -gay, lesbianism (pardon me for those strong words), single parent, student. I was so entailed with that doubt, I started chatting with my father who just came online and asked him about that part. He posed me even more confusing questions when i posed him with my bit of bother... "Did anything happen after I left?.... Are you married or unmarried?..." He also responded saying that "You have doubts on yourself... :)"
It was then that I realised that "Oh My god . I am not believing that I am having this converstion, WITH MY FATHER"
Any way , I finally sorted it out and somewhat completed that info on the application.

I also started creating my own webpage which I will be hosting probablyby the mid of next week. Will keep posting. Tada

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September 24, 2003
Andrew's Canoeing Postulate

No matter which direction you start, it's always against the wind coming back.

Slightly technish post ahead

One star dies and a new one is born
Well it seems that Galileo has committed suicide - NASA at its benevolent best decided to plunge Galileo into the planet of Jupiter to prevent it from accidently infecting any other satellite of Jupiter so that future explorations would not get false results.
I remember seeing many documentaries on the Discovery about the work done by that spacecraft. Thats what triggered me into writing this.
Sadly Galileo had a long life - three times than the expected value. Read this article to understand what I am talking about. Having its lauch delayed due to the Challenger disaster was not its only setback. Its main communication dish failed to open properly - so it could send information only in trickles - so it could not send many images; but those it sent were very good. It sent very good images of the comet crashing into Jupiter, pictures of the satellites of Jupiter which were very informative. And now it has to die :(

But as in the header, a new star is born... Cassini will reach Saturn next year. It too suffered major setbacks - it was supposed to be launched by nuclear engines;but due to the world opposing it, that was prevented and hence it had to be launched using conventional engines, which not only increased the cost but also the travel time(3 to 7 years) as now it had to go thru the inner solar system in order to gain some speed (by slingshotting around the sun). Hence a long travel time. But hopefully Cassini will be as useful as Galileo.

Sorry for those who pained to read thru that.

On the acads side - another 20 days to sail to Shaastra. and no exams in sight ....

Posted by satosphere at 11:47 AM

September 22, 2003
Anderson's Law
Any system or problem, however complicated, if looked at in exactly the right way, will become even more complicated.

Well, I got this - the worlds easiest quiz, or so i thought
Try to get the answers right

(Passing requires 4 correct answers)

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?

2) Which country makes Panama hats?

3) From which animal do we get catgut?

4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

7) What was King George VI's first name?

8) What color is a purple finch?

9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial plane?

All done? Check your answers here

Did u pass??

Posted by satosphere at 2:41 AM

September 21, 2003
Law of Ambition
At any one time, thousands of borough councilmen, school board members, attorneys, and businessmen -- as well as Congressmen, senators, and governors -- are dreaming of the White House, but few, if any of them, will make it.

I dont know why i am posting at a rate of 1 blog per day. But somehow it is kindof addictive and it forces me to. I like to read what other ppl think of my blogs and reciprocally also to see the creative juices in the blogs of other ppl.

I also kindof finished my statement of purpose - for applying in the fields of circuits and in Biomedical engineering. They are just rough drafts and I have to personalise them for each university I apply to. Hey but still there is a lot of time.

I also installed Speech recognition component of Microsoft Office. It was kind of fun actually. I am yet to complete its training and its able to recognise most of the words. However when i want the word Space - it just gives a blank space. Some pronounciations translation is still improper. And voice command feature is very good. But i cant compare it with any other (namely Dragon etc) as i havent used them. I must try them.

I also take this opportunity to invite all u ppl to Shaastra - the tech fest at our college. I will mostly spend my time during the day (rather the nites) at the LAN gaming section - me being a gaming buff) . But there are loads of other stuff too.

Anyway thats it for now. Plz tell whether you want funny post blogs???

Posted by satosphere at 7:22 AM

September 20, 2003
Allison's Precept
The best simple-minded test of expertise in a particular area is the ability to win money in a series of bets on future occurrences in that area.

This is another funny-post blog. Enjoy

Recently the father of physics made a visit to earth to watch a movie. He watched a few Indian movies and had his head spinning. He was convinced that all his logics and laws in physics were just a huge pile of junk and apologised for everything he had done. In the movie of Mithun Chakravarthy, Newtondada was confused to such an extent that he went paranoid. Here
are a few scenes:

1) Mithunda has a Brain Tumor, which, according to the doctors can't be cured, and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Mithunda is shot in the head. To everybody's surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumor along with it and he is cured.
Long Live Mithunda

2) In one of the movies, Mithunda is confronted with 3 gangsters. Mithunda has a Gun but unfortunately only one bullet. Guess, what he does....... He holds a knife in his hand and throws at the middle gangster.. & shoots the bullett owards the knife.The knife cuts the bullet into 2 pieces and kills both the gangsters on each side of the middle gangster & the knife kill the middle one ...Then, Mithunda utters the following dialogue "Apun ka naam hai HIRA, Apun ne sabko Chiraa".

3) Mithunda is chased by a gangster. Mithunda has a revolvver but he got no bullets in it. Guess,what he does. Nah not even in your remotest imaginations. He waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as the gangster shoots, Mithunda opens the bullet compartment of his revolver and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun. Bang... And the gangsterd dies....

4) The heroine is tied to an electric chair and the remote is in the hands of the villain about 100 km away. As usual, the villain confronts the hero saying "Hathiyar phek do warna main yeh remote ka button dabake tumhari mehbooba ko mar doonga". The usual fight occurs and just as the hero makes the final blow, the villain dies but not before he presses that damn button. Now what to do? Sure enough, there is a horse and the hero jumps on it. Now there is a race: The current in the cable connected to the electric chair is moving fast but our hero and his horse are desparately trying to catch up.... goes on for a few km and just as the current would hit the chair, the hero jumps from the horse and picks the girl away from the chain andsssshhhh. She is saved. The poor electric current only goes to an empty chair. Climax, taaalian. Hero! Hero!! Hero!!

This was too much for our Newton to take and he was completely shaken and he decided to go back. But he happened to see the poster for a Rajnikanth movie and thought that atleast one movie will follow his theory of physics. The climax finally arrives. Rajni gets to know that the villain is on the other side of a very high wall. So high that Rajni can't jump even if he tries like one of those superman techniques that our heroes normally use. Rajni has to desperately kill the villain because its the climax Newtondada is smiling since it is virtually impossible.. Rajni suddenly pulls two guns from his pocket (Probably a backup).He throws one gun in the air and when the gun has reached the height of the wall, he shoots at the trigger of the first gun in air, with his second gun. Now the first gun fires off and the villain is dead.


Crazy isnt it

Posted by satosphere at 12:12 AM

September 19, 2003
Alligator Principle
When you are up to your ass in alligators, it is difficult to remind yourself that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.

Have u ever had the experience of having to Xerox the notes from someone else - Probably u have . But have u ever been in the sending end of the notes i.e the person who is giving the notes for Xerox - I have been in that miserable situation for umpteen times but the case yesterday and the day b4 for an exam tomorrow was the worst . For the past one week - i have been giving my notes to evrybody else - recieving them only during that particular class in order to write them again.

Persons whom i have never seen in classes have approached me and asked for notes - I am not feeling particularly humble either, but the fact is that I am not getting my notes for enough time to study it. Probably I should take a Xerox of my own notes so that I can study it when somebody else has taken my notes.

All I am saying is that pleas attend the classes so that u dont have to depend on other's notes - think of how much misery you will be causing the person from whom you are taking the notes from - you are depreving him of valuable study time, you are making him worry abot whether he would return the notes in proper c Sondition or not - So think once b4 you bunk a class for want of laziness. So Sudhon and all others, take care.

Posted by satosphere at 4:15 AM

September 18, 2003
Alley's Axiom
Justice always prevails... three times out of seven

Nothing much to post today - except that i have only one more exam-
So i will just leave you with a digital version of Ramayana

GATES When Bill Gates was in India, he had a chance 2 listen Ramayana from Atal Behari Vajpayee. After, returning 2 US he wrote it in his personal Diary.
A Tabloid in US got a copy of his writings. These are excerpts from his diary:

Ramayana by Bill Gates...

LAN, LAN ago, in the SYSTEM of I/O-dhya, there ruled a PROCESSOR named DOS-rat. Once he EXECUTED a great sacrifice PROGRAM after which his queens gave an OUTPUT of four SUNs--RAM, LSIman, BUG-rat and SED-rughana. RAM the eldest was a MICROCHIP with excellent MEMORY. His brothers, however, were only PERIPHERAL ICs.

Once when RAM was only 16MB, he married princess 'C'ta. 12 years passed and DOS-rat decided to INSTALL RAM as his successor. However,Queen CIE/CAE(Kayegayee), who was once offered a boon by DOS-rat for a lifesaving HELP COMMAND, took this opportunity at the instigation of her BIOSed maid (a real plotter), and insisted that her son Bug-rat be INSTALLED and that RAM be CUT-N-PASTED to the forest for 14 years. At this cruel and unexpected demand, a SURGE passed through DOS-rat and he collapsed, power-less. RAM agreed to LOG INTO forest and 'C'ta insisted to LOGIN with him. LSI-man also resolved on LOGGING IN with his brother.

The forest was the dwelling of SPARCnakha, the TRAN-SISTOR of RAW-van, PROCESSOR of LAN-ka.Attracted by RAM's stature, she proposed that he marry her. RAM,politely declined. Perceiving 'C'ta to be the SOURCe CODE of her distress, she hastened to kill her. Weeping, SPARC-nakha fled to LAN-ka, where RAW-van, moved by TRAN-SISTOR's plight,approached his uncle MAR-icha. MAR-icha REPROGRAMED himself into the form of a golden stag and drew RAM deep into the forest.Finally, tired of chase, RAM shot the deer, which, with his last breath, cried out desperately for LSI-man in RAM's voice. Fooled by this VIRTUAL RAM SOUND, 'C'ta urged LSI-man to his brother's aid. Catching the opportunity, RAW-van DELINKED 'C'ta from her LIBRARY and changed her ROOT DIRECTORY to LAN-ka.


RAM and LSI-man started SEARCHING for the missing 'C'ta all over the forest. They made friendship with the forest SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR SU-greev and his powerful co-processor Ha-NEUMAN. SU-greev agreed to help RAM. SU-greev ordered his PROGRAMMERS to use powerful 'SEARCH' techniques to FIND the missing 'C'ta. His ROGRAMMERS SEARCHED all around th INTER-NETworked forests. Many tried to 'EXCITE' the birds and animals not to forget the 'WEBCRAWLERS' (Insects) and tried to 'INFO SEEK' something about 'C'ta. Some of them even shouted 'YAA-HOO' but they all ended up with 'NOT FOUND MESSAGES'. Several other SEARCH techniques proved useless. Ha-NEUMAN devised a RISKy TECHNOLOGY and used it to cross the seas at an astonishing CLOCK SPEED.

Soon Ha-NEUMAN DOWNLOADED himself into LAN-ka. After doing some local SEARCH, Ha-NEUMAN found 'C'ta weeping under a TREE STRUCTURE. Ha-NEUMAN used a LOGIN ID (ring) to identify himself to 'C'ta. After DECRYPTING THE KEY, 'C'ta believed in him and asked him to send a 'STATUS_OK' MESSAGE to RAM. Meanwhile all the raakshasa BUGS around 'C'ta captured Ha-NEUMAN and tried to DELETE him using pyro-techniques. But Ha-NEUMAN managed to spread chaos by spreading the VIRUS 'Fire'. Ha-NEUMAN happily pressed ESCAPE from LAN-ka and conveyed all the STATUS MESSAGES to RAM and SU-greev. RAW-wan decided to take the all powerful RAM head-on and prepared for the battle.One of the RAW-wan's SUN(son) almost DELETED RAM & LSI-man with a powerful brahma-astra. But Ha-NEUMAN resorted to some ACTIVE-X gradients and REFORMATTED RAM and LSI-man. RAM used the SOURCE CODE secrets of RAW-wan and once for all wiped out RAW-wan's presense on earth.

After the battle, RAM got INSTALLED in I/O-dhya and spreaded his MICROSOFT WORKS and other USER FRIENDLY PROGRAMS to all USERS and every one lived happily ever after.

Posted by satosphere at 12:44 AM

September 17, 2003
Allen's Biblical Distinction (Allen's Distinction)
The lion and the lamb shall lie down together, but the lamb won' t get much sleep.

Today, Not Much to report - just some Funny prof sayings

Our dumb Biomedical Signal Processing Prof - said this when we complained that a certain exam paper of his was too lengthy.

Examination is not for thinking

His vocabulary is very bad - he makes spelling mistakes often - and his grammar too is worse. For example - he said today

Please take down noteses properly

Other funny incidents in our college which liven up the atmosphere include

All of you must get above the class average

This was said by a Engineering Drawing professor to the students before the ED exam.

Another funny thing - a prof named A Mani has an email id as mania@iitm.ernet.in .Incidentally - he was our NCC drill sergeant and he gave us quite a few laughs - i am sure my friend Sudhon would remember it.

Gods are still crazy....

Posted by satosphere at 5:10 AM

September 16, 2003
Allen's Axiom
When all else fails, follow instructions.

Well , some of the exams got over and 2 more remaining - thats that. There seems to be a spate of vulnerabilities in Windows - just search in google news for Windows flaws and there are a lot of them.

For us hostellers we are pretty safe as we are not connected to the Internet - as of now. But then there are many companies that are affected, even the comps in our labs - we had a particularly bad case of Blaster virus as some of the systems were running Windows 2000 Professional and XP.

And another news, one of my friends here discovered a flaw in Matlab, quite a funny one actually. He's going to report it with the hope of getting a free version.

Apart from that, I was filling up some online applications for universities - any tips?

Gods must be Crazy....

Posted by satosphere at 4:20 AM

September 14, 2003
Algren's Precepts
Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never play cards with a man named Doc. And never lie down with a woman who's got more troubles than you.

This is about a was a notice put on our hostel notice board by a guy called karthik. B4 i go to the notice itself, something must be known about the guy itself - He is a literary and argumentative god. He has a flair for language. You can always find him reading some literature in any language. He just read 3 word lists and put 1350 /1600 in GRE and didnt prepare for essays and put a 6 in it - the maximum.

Anyway the notice - its about a cancellation of a class

4th year Mech BTech, The course in "Design and Optimisation" in G Slot being tutored by Dr. C. Balaji, has a slot for it on Monday, as you may all know.
It is declared that this particular class, the 6th hour on Monday will not take place, due to certain obligations of the professor

It was such a long notice that it still evokes laughter in me whenever i read it
I shall try to get more of it

Posted by satosphere at 10:42 PM

September 12, 2003
Alan's Law of Research
The theory is supported as long as the funds are.

A somber mood

Say did you know that yesterday was the second year after the 9/11 incident. i always get a pang of guilt whenever i see it on Friends.
And they are going to build a monument in rememberence of the WTC fallout. Me thinks that it is going to be as tall as the original buildings.

Did you manage to see the picture on The Hindu - I am not able to get the picture on that site. It was really touching - showing two NYC cops hugging each other in a moment of silence.

Coming back to reality, Just started applying online for MIT . Hope it goes smoothly

Posted by satosphere at 4:19 AM

Airplane Law
When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time.

Well I ran into an ftp site called ftp.funet.fi/pub about an year ago. A friend of mine told me that it contained some Science fiction stories. I have added the line on the left for ur reference. It is a site maintained by a finnish universtiy.
After some serious digging around that site, I managed to find a lot of other things, including Shelock Holmes stories, lots of stuff on cryptography, fantasy stories like Alice in Wonderland, lotsa stuff on cryptography and C coding, lots of jokes - murphy's laws, Blonde jokes etc-, sutff on latex, map packs for UT (this may interest sudhon , some for half life and other games, lots of pictures collected from various fields and lots of other stuff. It would take a lot of hours to go through the site fully.
In fact my term paper in one course of a Science fiction novel is on 2001 , which i downloaded from this site. The Murphy's laws which i keep posting on the top (Yes they are murphy's laws) are from that site. I forgot where i got those from ( its deep inside the ftp site) . If u want it , mail me at sathishcj@ee.iitm.ac.in.
If u do manage to get time, do go through this site, u may never know what you would find.

Posted by satosphere at 2:59 AM

September 11, 2003
Agnes Allen's Law
Almost anything is easier to get into than out of.

Well , my first quiz is over Yippee yahoo
Thats when i realise that i have 3 more. After suffering from a terrible bout of cold yesterday nite- believe me when i say i sneezed evry 5 seconds
But i was preparing for the exam 4 some time, unlike my unmotivated friend suds who puts nite out.
I did pretty decent - though i feel ashamed doing a 2nd year course in final year.

Well i also managed to put up a comment system. Try it out

Apart from it - i have to study 4 my project too. That i will postpone it next week

Posted by satosphere at 5:40 AM

September 10, 2003
Acton's Law
Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Another day, same time - i would have been happily sleeping with my mind in a convoluted dream as in Max Payne or fragging bots by the second, jumping from one train to another especially a EuroStar, admiring the nice animals in San Diego zoo. Well its another day , same time

Coming back to reality, i realised that i have a lot to study for the upcoming exams, i studied throughout the weekend and am continuing to study. No respite for me. No TV too thanx to CAS, i am not able to recieve any channels i want to see.

As the prospect of applying to higher studies in US looms ahead, i cannot help but wonder what difficulties i am yet to face.

Signing off

Posted by satosphere at 4:03 AM

September 08, 2003
Half of chennai's population crowded on a 200m strip of sand 5 km long - the marina beach - on the morning of saturday at 10 am to stand witness to the dexterity of the IAF - the airshow .
The worst thing that could happed to it was the traffic jam in getting there - in which even VIP's faced trouble, and the police conveniently blamed it on the people saying that " we didnt expect this many people to come" - :)
As i was saying in the last mail - only one other person agreed to come. We left at 8:30 -pretty early considering the late hours the previous nite- and were waiting at CLRI bus stop to go to the marina beach. The buses that came were as packed as Jews in a gas chamber (which is usually the case in peak hours)(pardon me for that simile). Then came along 2 other junta from my hostel and we decided to take an auto. That was at 9 am.
The entire stretch to marina was a traffic jam - vehicles were forced to go on the wrong side of the road. Finaly we got to foreshore estate at around 9:30 (when the show was scheduled to start). So we decided to walk - and we went faster than the vehicles. We finally reached the place - actually Elliots beach and there were lots of ppl - just like Ranganathan street on a Saturday - it was just a mass of humans.
Note - The next part can be read in any sunday edition of chennai's newspaper
The show started prompt at 10 - thats true folks - military requires punctuality, unlike us. It started with Chetak choppers carrying the Indian Flag and the Air Force insignia. Then there were flybys by HPT32 trainer aircraft, AN32 carrier, dorniers, Iskaras, Jaguars. Then came the Sukhois- One of them did several vertical and horizontal loops, the cobra and the charlies loop. Another 2 simulated a dogfight. Two Migs then came and conducted an air raid. After that came the Surya Kiran aircraft - they too did the vertical loop ( all 9 of them ) and then some other acrobatics. There was also a Pear's heart. The show concluded at around 11 by parachute jumping.
Coming back to the hostel was another nitemare.

After coming back. I realised that i have my exams starting on thursday. I started to seriously study for it. On sunday i wrote a Mock CAT test - I am CATting for fun - I got an abysmally low score - 44
I continued studying - i am wondering when this will end

Posted by satosphere at 9:35 AM

Ordinary men dream.
Great men get up and work to achieve that dream.
- A saying from FM

It is no surprise that Friday afternoon is a good day of my life - I can sleep in the afternoon and go to sleep late at nite- without the worry of next day classes - Well thats what i did. I also included some studying for my project work.
I did sleep late at nite because i got engrossed in a book call Coma by robin cook - i went to sleep at 3 am in the nite. Another good news - i decided to goto the airshow at marina.

Got up pretty late the next morning . I wanted to go the airshow but no other junta save one showed enuf enthusuiasm to warrant going. But i decided to take the chance anyway.
The next post is a doozy

Posted by satosphere at 9:13 AM

September 04, 2003
Rule of Accuracy
When working toward the solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answer.
Corollary - Provided, of course, that you know there is a problem.
- Murhy's Laws

Another new movie released today - sporting a character with skin tight dress outfit , riding shotgun, coming out in full blaze, parachuting, motorbiking, ...... alll to save the world from destruction if a particular object fell into the wrong hands - isnt it so ubiquitous - the theme is present in most of the adventure movies. (if u havent guessed the name fo the movie read on)

But what i am particularly happy about is that this movie was incubated by the game Tomb Raider - not that i am a very good fan of that game- i hated the controls and the games' original graphics. But still, this was and is a successfull movie developed from a sucessful game..

Exams are coming up and i need to study


Posted by satosphere at 11:17 PM

September 03, 2003
One of the latest films in Tamil,
One of the most hyped films
One of the costliest film (ticket wise)


and i got to see it
(Thanx to my cousin)

Well, I would say that the music is good, but after listening to it for many times, my appreciation just increased. The films went slightly to the extreme - portraying the maximum of what would happen if an offense is committed. But otherwise its ok, and Vivek (a tam Comedy Person) plays a major role in the film, unlike other films where he justs plays a side character whose story goes separately from the main plot.

The comedy isok ,but slightly on the vulgar side throughout the film. Ending is ok - no sudden twist in the film.

I did enjoy the film though - we went as a huge gumbal - about 25 ppl (most of them from SVCE, my cousions friends)

Any how ,
dont miss the chance to watch the film, in theatre

Posted by satosphere at 11:05 PM

September 02, 2003
go to google.com
Type in
weapons of mass destruction
Click on 'i'm feeling lucky'
Enjoy the result

CAS does seem to have mass implications on Chennai ,which seemed to have been used as a guinea pig for this experiment...

Many people have still not accepted CAS and have continued to live with only the free channels available. Something has to be done and fast.

I cant get to watch friends and all other serials (i hate tam soaps - they are so sentimental) :- ( ... [ I know it is copyrighted]

Signing off

Posted by satosphere at 6:13 AM

September 01, 2003
Did you know that
There are 7 days in a week (actually you do know that)

Mondays always the most boring day of the week.
Time to get off from the weekend laziness and continue working.
Time to stop playing and start working.
Time to turn from being a couch potato into a workhorse.
Time to start wondering when the next weekend will come and what to do then
Time to meet a different kind of people (friends to bosses and professors)
Time to get into a mechanical way of life.
Time to miss all the weekend fun
Time to lose all Cable Channels due to CAS - this week's "special" :-)

Well now i have to wait till the weekend.

Posted by satosphere at 7:57 AM


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