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October 31, 2003
Avery's Rule of Three
Trouble strikes in series of threes, but when working around the house the next job after a series of three is not the fourth job -- it's the start of a brand new series of three

Xeroxing my notes
Before reading this, refer to my earlier blog.

From that u mite have pretty much guessed that I am kinda averse to people xeroxing (photostating - for the benefit of others)my notes to study for the exams as they did not attend the classes for that particular course. Probably rite.
The reason for that is I feel that the notes may not be returned to me in a proper condition and that people are taking undue advantage of my notes which was supposed to be exclusively meant for me.

But this time, It was taken to an absurd level.

Granted, that most of my classmates did not xerox my notes per se. They took a copy of the notes from a guy who had photostated mine - A second generation copy u would say... But still...

In fact it was very atrocious. There was this guy who only attended one class of that course - the first exam.... And then there were those whose faces I had not seen at all in class. I would rather not indicate it here...

I thought that atleast the graduate students taking that course (the M. Techs) would atleast attend properly. BUT NO - most of those guys referred to my notes for 3-4 days before the examination... Some of them were cheeky enuf to ask for my notes the day before the examination....

By the eve of the exam for that course, my notes had spread like a virus to almost all the hostels except the girls' (or NON - MALES as we refer to them in our college). That was a saving grace. The irony of all that is that the ppl who studied from my notes ended up doing much better than me (I know that there is no correlation between my writing good notes and my doing well in the exams)

Now with the final eggjam for that course coming up, I would rather that I take a copy of my own notes a backup. I should probably turn this habit of others to my advantage. I should probably charge 5 or 10 bucks for each copy that is taken from my notes - that would make good business sense. Had I done that before, would've earned a lot of money. But now I know the laziness of students....

Lets see

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October 29, 2003
My Tryst With Destiny 
The RD Xperience Part II
Disclaimer : Same as the previous one

It was the morning of the 25th January, when I settled down in a room in the 17th floor of Hotel Indraprastha. (For those who have no idea what I am talking about, pleaz read the previous post). 17th floor was the highest I had ever gone to till now. In Chennai, till then, I was limited to 14. The view from this height was beautiful. It was then that I realised some familiar landmarks from my previous visit to Delhi. The other friends whom I had mentioned in the previous posts got accomodated in nearby rooms. Weather was fine. My roomy had also arrived - he was a guy from Kanpur. Tragedy were to befell him. He could not get a security clearance and would not be going to the parade. Did I mention that there were also a lot of intelligent birdies present...?!!

After a very standard lunch, I got my Travel Allowance settled. Then myself and my parents started walking and By jove we reached the Connaught Place and the Pallika Bazaar. We shopped for a while and returned back for a High Tea with the Joint Secretary of the Government of India - Mr Champak Chatterjee. Had a nice time where we introduced ourselves - all of 90 people. We had people from all the corners of India (that is TRUE). After dinner, had a nice chat with my friends and settled down to sleep for the BIG day tomorrow.

I got up to face my roomy looking dejectedly sad - as he did not get the clearance to got the parade. Pitied him - for a while. Got ready and dressed up in the neatest of shirts and was waiting for the bus to take us to the parade.

Do u people recall the other famous thing that happened on the morning of 26th of January, 2001. It was the Bhuj earthquake. It was felt in Delhi too, but I didnt feel anything as I was sitting in the bus. But I did not know at that time that there was a EQ. Anyway we were taken to the parade region (near India Gate) and after a hell a lot of security checks, they admitted us in. (U mite say they checked upto the last atom, but I suppose that was reasonable, given to where we did sit). We were ushered in to the Prime Minister's Box. It was rite by the road and barely 50m away from the protected enclosure where the PM sits.

I forgot to mention - it was cold, very cold. I heard that the people in the parade practice from abt 5 am. I dunno how they bear that. The previous nite, even with two layers of woollen blankets. God they are thick - skinned (not derogatory...)

I saw the PM come in and the President's Gaurd come by in horses. I vaguely remember the exact details from now on. I suppose u can watch any RD parade on TV to get the exact details. But the feeling of being that close to everything was outta this world. I did manage to see the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister too. I liked the fly by's especially the Vertical Charlie performed by a Sukhoi - Had u ppl been in Chennai during that airshow,u would know what a Vertical Charlie is. The floats were also good. The dances by various students and other troops was perfection. So was the 21 gun salute - it was LOUD. The parade ended by around 10, I suppose. On the TV commentary, we people just got a mention, u would have hardly seen me.

It was after we came back to the Hotel did I hear about the EQ in Gujarat. A great tragedy.... Even my parents felt it (they stayed in a different hotel)

After lunch, we got our certificates and our group photos. Later I got with my friends, strolled around the hotel, took some shots. The next day was supposed to be for a sight - seeing. But I had to skip it as I had to leave for Chennai the next day. After wishing sad goodbyes to my friends (they decided to stay) and trying to forget the birdies (which was difficult) we took the train to Chennai - the same Tamil Nad Express. And reached on the morning of Sunday. A good ending for a good beginning. An opportunity that cannot be missed, and a golden treasure to treasure. I got the group photo abt a week later. If I ever get it scanned, I will post it

The RD Xperience - Concluded
Back to the future

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October 28, 2003
My Tryst with Destiny 
The RD Xperience Part - I

1. All of the events described below have oocured in the past and I am not responsible for any of its future repercussions in the present time.
2. The following pieces may sound like me blowing my own trumpet.

January, 2001
It was in the beginning of my second semester at my college. Everything was going peacefully. Weather was fine. Was eagerly expecting the culfest Saarang. Little did I know what was in store for me.

It was in the second week of January - around the 12th that I recieved the mail from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India, saying that I have been selected to witness the Republic Day Parade, 2001 from the Prime Minister's Box at Rajpath. I had heard in my school that a few of my seniors had gone, but I never expected to be one of them. Wow O Wow.

The reason they had selected me was because I had got 4 Merit Certificates in the 12th CBSE exams. And the HRD people invite names from different institutions, the CBSE, the ICSE etc for the top rankers in their examinations. There is also a but of luck involved in getting selected as only half of the students satisfying the criterion will get selected by luck. I thank God for that. There were a couple of students in my hostel who were cribbing that they did not get selected even though they satisfied the condition.

The required communication was done very fast. There was even a police verification to confirm my identity (had a bit of identity crisis at that time). I also found out that one more student from my batch got selected. (He got 488/500 and myself 484/500). And two other students from PS Senior Secondary School and a junior of mine (for his excellent performance in the 10th exams) got selected.]

The itenary was as follows. We were to arrive on the morning of 25th - Thursday, settle down, go to the RD parade on the morning of 26th - Friday and then local sight - seeing on 27th. We (my parents too) decided that we would leave on the evening of 26th itself (skip sightseeing as we had done that a while back) so that we could arrive back by 28th Sunday. I didnt want to miss any classes (u know the first year enthusiasm of being in IIT). Luckily (or unluckily I would have to say) Saarang the culfest started on the 24th and end on the 28th. So I did not miss any classes but I did miss my first Saarang...

We booked the tickets a week in advance, luckily not much of a rush to Delhi at that time.... Accomodation and Travel Allowance was provided for me only. My parents had to stay at the bank's Holiday home. Thats ok. After finishing my college on the 22nd - Tuesday, I hurried home witnessing all the preparations in college for the culfest. And we got to the station and into the train.

Something must be said about the weather in North India in winter. The lowest temperature I have experienced in Madras is about 18 or 17 cent in winter nites. But in north india - rite from the ganges plains - the temperatures drop to 8 or 10 easily. I had never expected that. Did not take any sweater with me as we did not need any in Madras. I was in for a cold shock.

The first nite in the train (TamilNad Xpress was ok. The second nite, the temperatures dropped down a lot. All I had for protection was a thin windcheater and gloves - Lot that did help!!!. The morning in Delhi - 25th was very cold - unlike any that I have xperience before. We went to the hotel - Hotel Indraprastha - a 20 floor hotel, god knows where... When I was asked to sign in the register, I couldnt - my hands were so very numb... Somehow I managed. We settled in the hotel, had breakfast and I eagerly awaited the next day.
To be continued

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October 25, 2003
Avery's Observation
It does not matter if you fall down as long as you pick up something from the floor while you get up.

Part II
DISCLAIMER: The following may be a repitition of the newspaper reports, but from my viewpoint, not from a newspaper reporter.
The last part concluded with the match just about to start. The pitch and the ground was dry inspite of heavy rains the previous nite. On the ptich was my uncle, waving to all the players and generally roaming around aimlessly like a drunken ant. India won the toss (luckily as always) and elected to bat. The sky settled down do a dull color quite contrastingly to the atmosphere in the stadium. There was this huge cheering as Sehwag and Sachin walked down from the pavilion to the pitch. The match started at 2:30pm sharp. The first over, inspite of the impressive run up shouting of the crowd for all the balls, only produced 3 runs. But the next few overs were blazing, with Sehwag getting ahead of himself and producing some good shots.
Once the match gathered momentum, I settled into more interesting things, like looking at who all had come to the control box... There was this Dawood style family right behind us - pretty menacing, I must say. And to my surprise Arvind Swamy of Bombay and Roja fame also came up. I myslef did some bird - watching (mostly pigeons flying around aimlessly in circles) and also some birdie - watching. Hey, Any self - respecting guy of my age would do that. The seats being on the posh side, it is of no surprise that there were some pretty good birdies fluttering here and there. While my binocolurs were mostly trained to the pitch, they occasionally did waver to the stands around me... Pretty time consuming, I msut say.
The weather still hadnt made up its mind. Apparently, the sky became brighter every time the score accelerated at a very fast rate. It vacillated twice or thrice like that. Once Sehwag was gone, there came Laxman; he too hit some shots. Then he went too. This was followed up by Dravid at 91. Then he too missed the ball. The match then remained on Yuvraj and Tendulkar; the latter inching slowly towards a half century.
A person does seem to get very hungry sitting there simply. The catering stalls there were on the costlier side, each item being priced at double its normal cost. That did not deter me (not that I had a lot to spend but because it was a one time affair). Not many culinary delites to savor too...
At around 4:30pm at the end of about 19 overs, the cloud settled to a vary dark grey. And the umpires called for floodlites. As they were getting warmed up, we had to wait a while. So I engaged myself in other activities as mentioned before. But still it was pretty boring. They resumed play at around 5pm and played for about half hour, till the 26th over. Then the Rain Gods went totally against us and produced the thunderstorm as promised. India was 141/3 and Sachin was 46 - So close, yet so far.
The covers were brought right on and werent removed at all; the prospect of the match continuing being darkened every minute. We had tea in the High Terrace consisting of uppuma and icecream. The rain did stop for some time; but as soon as they started removing the covers, it came back with greater force, much to the dismay of all. At around 7:30 pm, the refrees decided that they would abandon the match and the captains shook hands and left.
Sad, forlorn faces attached to drooping bodies started dispersing away from the stadium in the presence of a lite drizzle. Imagine the plight of others who would have spent close to about Rs 3k to come to the match and lose all of it due to a common occurence of nature's acts. Rain may be called a necessary evil today.

The next day was Diwali. I didnt buy any crackers. I hadnt bought crackers for a long time now - abt 4 years. Somehow after coming to college. I lost all interest in them. I spent the day doing some assignments which were given for the weekend and watching the idiot box. My nitetime was spent in the terrace watching others' money going up in colorful flames and patterns in the sky as well as loud sounds. Thats probably one reason why I dont celebrate Deepavali as others do.
Bye for now. Enjoy a nice weekend.

PS : I am not advertising , but check this site out . It has a free pdf convertor - I loved it - Only 4MB download!!!!

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October 23, 2003
Atwoods Corollary
No books are lost by lending except those you particularly wanted to keep.


Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Big India wants to play
Rain rain go away.

That can probably summarise the feelings I had for today - when I went to see my third match at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai...
How did I get my tickests? Well my uncle is some sort of bigwig in the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and the manager for the Indian Team in Chennai. So it is inevitable that he would get complementary tickets. Well, I just asked him. And we (myself and two of my cousins) got tickets for the Control Box, rite below the the commentary and above pavilion - worth about 3k.
My day started pretty late - 8 am (that is late for me). But I got up with a juicy feeling that I was going to watch the match today. I originally had a feeling that the match would be cancelled due to some heavy rains the previous nite. By Jove it was not. And since it was a day and nite match and started at 2 only, I decided that I would attend the morning session of college (which to my luck had only one class). As soon as I was finished with that, I dashed off to my cousin's house and then left for the stadium.
BTW cricket is a big event, especially in Chennai when such a match occurs. Huge crowds, good enthu atmosphere all make it a very exciting game, whatever team plays. And if the home team plays, need be said more?
To use Sudhon's technique, Flashback

The first match which I witnessed at Chennai is the Kenya - Bangladesh match, God knows when. I went with my cousins (same source of tickets as above) and their friends. Had a pretty electrifying atmosphere. I vividly remember me shouting "Go Kenya Go Kenya Go". I didnt get to see the full match, but Kenya won.
My second Xperience was the third or the fourth day of the India England Test match. (Again the same source of tickets. I dont have that much enthu to buy tickets to watch a match..) I dont remember it that clearly, but I did have a nice time.

Back to reality
Went to the seats. They were supposed to be costly tickets, and only the pseud sophisticated junta were supposed to be there. But we were in for a surprise. Very clamorous. Besides, tomorrow was Deepavali. We Xpected similar sort of fireworks display today too.
We had luckily brought binoculars, and we could see clearly upto the pitch (and lots more!!!). The forecast was supposed to be thunderstorms in the evening. The current weather was cloudy, the sky not yet decided whether to hide the sun or not... The climate was perfect for a match (if it does not rain). The match started on the dot at 2:30pm. India won the toss (yipeee) and elected to bat (another YIPEEEE).

Continued in the next post.

Before I forget, I wish you all a


PS : The first is an expansion for a e i o u
And yes, the second is an expansion for a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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October 22, 2003
Sathish's Bus Law
If there are two or more buses going to the same destination, then the bus which you take arrives the last.

Long time No C

Hi fellas, sorry for not being on the blog scene for a while - a very long while. Been pretty busy lately. With a lot of those exams and assignments etc. (I know that I have been repeating those for a while. Bear with me)
I have had 3 exams till now, fairly done, an assignment every week, a couple of term papers and most of all Apping. Lately I have been putting a lot of nite - outs with just about 4-5 hours of sleep on an average. I dunno when I am going to compensate for all those.
The very first app work has and had made me a nervous wreck. There was just too many variables (to define it mathematically) to concentrate and work on... Lots more to come anyways. Havent had free time to play games or even watch TV... Glad to say that I have sent my first app packet today. Hope evrything goes well.
Now, hopefully, I am sailing into calmer seas - or is it the eye of the hurricane with more danger and tension to come? I wonder... The final exams are coming up next month and a major chunk of applications to be completed by Nov 15th. Lots more deadlines to meet... Sorry to bore u with all this.
One glad and very happy news, I am going to watch the India - New Zealand match tomorrow - got complementary tickets. One thing that I can look forward to...
Lastly I will leave you with a brain teaser which me and my friends created ourselves when we got too bored studying for an exam. Figure out what this means

An eccentric Iraqi on Umbrella

If you have managed to figure that out, then this should be easier. (Vice Versa tooo)

American binary coded decimal exchange for Government housing in Japan's Kyoto Labs manufacturing nets of polluting quarries, researching some techniques under velocity when xeroxing yields zero.
Guessed it. If not wait till the next blog....

P.S. : I created that Murphy's Law (that's stating the obvious) based on my personal experience

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October 16, 2003
Attorneys Operating Principle
Any simple idea must be worded in the most complicated way.

Gloomy mood
Just having a busy shcedule - So busy that I want to expand time 1 to 10 to do all the activities i planned to do. More assignments and term papers dumped on me as if i didnt have enough already. Me having to sweat midnite oil to complete all those.

For example, we were ('we' refers to all the undergrads in a particular course who happened by chance to be in the same hostel) given an assignment about ane and a half week back - pretty big and complicated one I must say. And like all other iitians, we ended up doing it on the last day - nite on second thought. Myself and one of my friends sat down at 5pm staring at the notes. All curly figures with a lot of greek and latin spread inbetween. To top all that i was sleeping as gamed the previous nite. To my non - surprise the other guy went to sleep.....
Then another guy came. We realised that the assignment was to be submitted the next day afternoon. We kept on discussing the methods of solution through and beyond dinner tooo. Time ticked on 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30, 10, 11....
Outsiders would have found me drawing scrawly figures on the rough papers .. I just managed to stay awake having lost all hope on getting at the solution. Then the first guy who had slept off came to my room. He was a bit more enthusiastic than me. And we started working on the solution. The scond guy (ironically) slept off.... We worked and we worked and we worked... Time also ticked. It was about 2:30 in the wee hours of the nite when we finished a rough analysis approximately. We then decided that we would write a neat assignment the coming morning.
The next morning, got up at 7:30 am and we started writing the assignment. I then rushed off to class at 9:40 without bathing. (thats very unusual and highly improbable bcause i always bathe myself before going to class and I miss it only when there is extreme scarcity of water - I usually store water the previous nite itself). Anyways, I come back from class for lunch, when I was hinted that the solution was approximately wrong... I said to myself, "What the heck, I will write it anyways", and I did. (actually the solution was from a book whichthe prof DIDNT want us to copy from)
Finished it in the nick of time, 3 minutes before the class started, and then rushed off to class.
BTW did I tell that the prof would call some students and aks them to explain on the board. First she called a post graduate student (they were also part of the class) who didnt explain very well... Then not satisfied, she looked around the room (only 12 students) and her eyes landed on me.
I went to the board and started putting some fart about the assignment, full 15 minutes of it.( I must remind you that the particular analysis deserves a paper) The prof kindof accepted it...
Anyway, I am free, or so I thought. She has given a slightly smaller assignment due next week.
The ball rolls once again into the court....
BTW, I completed the application for one university and am planning to send it by Tuesday, hopefully evrything goes well

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October 12, 2003
Attila's Instruction
Always remember to pillage before you burn.
Sorry for not being on the scene for a while, busy with Shaastra - You can read in order to know all abt it (almost all) - and I was also busy with the "other" stuff (Scroll down below to see). Also I decided that I will not remove that thorn, today, tomorrow or forever (until it becomes too unbelievably painful). It will stay there, so that it can remind me always that life is not a bed of roses as I knew it. It is full of thorns too.

Guess what, my ignoble paper Ignobel enough among 25 others to get selected to the finals (I also must mention that the co-ord for that event is a friend of mine. The papers in the finals included topics like Research Paper Metamorphosis (plain english : how to put a paper in a research journal), propulsion using Human Flatulance (yes Shit Gas propulsion), Quantum Finance, Wavelet Theory to prove animals are stupid, Proper arrangement of items on the mess table (in Hostels) in order to minise energy consumed while moving them. I unfortunately did not get any of the prizes, only a special mention because one of the judges thought that the idea was plaigarised from someone (btw did I mention that the judges were professors from various departments and this paper presentation was held in a very formal manner, albeit funny and hence held a good crowd ?)

More about Shaastra. There was this event called the How Things Work. (anyways I didnt get selected in it). But the point is that they showed a video called "The way things worked". You all would have seen Tom and Jerry cartoons where Tom devises some elaborate trap for Jerry, going something like, a ballon bursting, which pushes a ship, which drops a heavy ball, which presses a scissors, which cuts a rope holding a huge safe.... Well this was something like that (its real) and it lasted some 30 minutes. It also used a lot of fire and chemical reactions. The same ppl who created this also created an ad for Honda accord on similar lines, except that it used part of the Accord only. Couldnt get any web references... While watching them, the entire auditorium was like "oohs" and "aahs". Amazing they were, they truly represented the The Spirit of Engineering....What more can I say?

There was also the Video Conference with Kevin Warwick. He was in HK at that time. I missed the beginning, but it was an amazing tet - e - tet. Very informative and lotsa Q & As in the end. He insinuated that he mite come to Chennai next year. Apart from it, I participated in other events, but never did proceed beyond the prelims as my mind was clouded with other details.

Of course, how can I not mention Gaming, I did put two nite-outs, played a lot of Quake 3 Arena (I mean a LOT), I also tried my hand at Age of Mythology, will definitely switch over to that from Age of Conquerors which I was playing till now.

That ends the last Shaastra that I will ever Xperience - my last Xperience of a Spirit of Engineering. The memories will still linger with the Shaastra T - Shirt that I will definitely buy, cannot be forgotten

Signing Off

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October 09, 2003
The Grand Daddy of All....

Murphy's Law

It just seemed very appropriate for what I am undergoing rite now.

I am just STOMPED

Too many things to do, too little time

1. Presentation and assignment on my project on Saturday
2. Assignment/Presentation due on Tuesday
3. Another assignment due next week.
4. An university application to be completed and sent by the 20th
5. Have to finalise my sop.
5. A term paper due at the end of this month
6. Couple of exams one and a half weeks from now.
7. Shaastra going on now.
8. To top all that, a thorn in my foot has brought me down and i have to limp instead of walk

Hopefully nothing can go wrong.

Sorry to trouble you ppl with all these, but there is no other outlet for all my pressure except blogging and gaming (for which there is no time now). I have been in worser situations but I never expected to be swamped by so much work in my peaceful final year. No wonder my seniors were rite when they said that the 7th semester is the toughest semester....

Hopefully, I should be alive at the end of this month....

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October 07, 2003
Atlas's Laws of Medical Research
Successful research attracts the bigger grant which makes further Research impossible. The progress of science varies inversely with the number of journals published.

Spent some time changing the look of the blog - pretty difficult figuring out what color goes where..

Shaastra is coming up. Pretty tight schedule for me , lots of assignments, term papers and presentations. Dont know how to manage that with Shaastra.
I have put up an Ignoble Paper. Check it out. After all if i cant put a normal paper, why not an ignoble paper - An Ignoble paper is better than no paper at all...... Actually, thats for an event at Shaastra...

Bye now.
Will be quite busy for a few days now

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October 05, 2003
Astrology Law
It's always the wrong time of the month.

This is just another edition of daft definitions - but quite funny.
On the real front - I have been watching a lot ( I mean a lot) of Friends episode lately . Its not that I dont like Evrybody loves Raymond or Seinfield or Fresh Prince of Bel Air or any other serial - but its just that we are not getting any of the damn channels anymore - anybody here using set top box????

Collection of wonderful definitions
Cigarette : A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end & a fool on the other
Divorce : Future tense of marriage.
Lecture : An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the minds of either"
Conference : The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.
Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece.
Tears : The hydraulic force by which masculine will-power is defeated by feminine water power...
Dictionary : A place where divorce comes before marriage .
Conference Room : A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on.
Classic : A book which people praise, but do not read.
Smile :- A curve that can set a lot of things straight.
Office :- A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life.
Yawn :- The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth.
Etc. :- A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.
Committee :- Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together.
Experience :- The name men give to their mistakes.
Atom Bomb :- An invention to end all inventions.
Philosopher :- A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead.
Diplomat :- A person who tells you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.
Opportunist :- A person who starts taking bath if he accidentally falls into a river.
Optimist : A person who while falling from Eiffel tower says in midway "See I am not injured yet."
Pessimist :- A person who says that O is the last letter in RO, Instead 0f the first letter in word OPPORTUNITY .
Miser :- A person who lives poor so that he can die rich.
Father :- A banker provided by nature.
Criminal :- A guy no different from the rest... except that he got caught.
Boss :- Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.
Politician :- One who shakes your hand before elections and your Confidence after.
Doctor :- A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you with his bills.

So long

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October 02, 2003
Ashleigh's First Law
If you can't learn to do it well, you should learn to enjoy doing it badly.

Hey ppl, my home page is up. Check it out at www.ee.iitm.ernet.in/~ee00331
Mail me on what you think about it and inform me of any bugs.

Check out the ebooks page - lotsa stories there.

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Arnold's First Law of Documentation
If it should exist, it doesn't.

Arnold's Second Law of Documentation
If it does exist, it's out of date.

Arnold's Third Law of Documentation
Only useless documentation transcends the first two laws.

Those three laws form a continuum

This is a funny story narrated by a professor of mine in a context which I will relate later.

There is this student who is studying for the English final examination. His teacher tells him that in the paper, there will be an essay, the topic being either about a cow or a cocunut tree...
The lazy boy he is, he studies only one essays, about the cow. But unfortunately in the exam, the essay asked is about the cocunut tree. So what does he do? What can he do. He writes a few sentences about the cocunut tree saying that it is tall, grows near the sea and in fields, that it gives cocunut and lives. That does not amount to much, realised the boy. So he then writes " Cows are attached to the cocunut tree" and then starts writing about the cow.... lol

PS I am not being gender specific by mentioning boy - it means human

Anyway the whole reason for the professor telling the story was not to amuse us (he did want the class to wake up) but to explain that a certain company was losing money bcause their products were being obsolete and not necessary. So they started modifying their products to suit current demands (he was discussing about DC current transformers - for the technish).

bye now

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October 01, 2003
Army Law
If it moves, salute it; if it doesn't move, pick it up; if you can't pick it up, paint it.

Nothing much to write except for the fact that like sudhon, started to watch Friends , albeit a slightly older season. Never fails to get my mood up.

Took his test today - guess what - I do have a bit of Ross going on

The puppy-dog eyes are just the beginning. Your Ross-like, brainy, charm can be devastatingly lovable. And like a certain unlucky-in-love paleontologist, you don't even know it! You do deserve some sympathy though, because, hey, it's hard not to come off as a know-it-all when you really do know it all. But there's more to your Ross-iness than what's stored in your head.

On the whole, people can see through whatever slight insecurities you may have because they just can't conceal your ultra-sweet nature, and deep-rooted, romantic, old-fashioned values. Oh yeah, and the monkey likes you best!

I am writing here the converstion I had with my father about the fact whether I was "single" or "other". (which my father had faithfully saved and then to add up the embarrasment, he mailed it to all my cousins, who sent me equally amusing replies. In fact I didnt get this piece directly 4m my father

sathishcj: Is the name on my passport Sathish Jothikumar?
jothikumarcb: it should be so, check up with mom
jothikumarcb: look into the passport
jothikumarcb: in passport, the name is always written in full
sathishcj: Is my marital status Single or Other?
jothikumarcb: so it should be SATHISH JOTHIKUMAR
jothikumarcb: call up mom and find out
sathishcj: (stan application)
jothikumarcb: it should be single only (i dont know if anything happened after my leaving for ***** ???????)
jothikumarcb: you have doubts on yourself man
jothikumarcb: anyway confirm with mom
sathishcj: what will she know
jothikumarcb: if you had told her anything, then she will know the position
jothikumarcb: actually, the status should be UNMARRIED
jothikumarcb: or NOT MARRIED
sathishcj: There is no unmarried

Apart from that, Having hols for the next 4 days. Will host my web site by Friday. Will inform u ppl.

Posted by satosphere at 11:47 AM


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